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Contemporary recruiting and the channels through which it is done are constantly evolving. For candidates, getting recruited to a great company – one that could shape a career – often is difficult, and becoming visible to corporate decision makers is the most challenging hurdle. It’s challenging because creative and energetic start up companies initially run lean, which stretches and stresses recruiting functions. Solid medium size companies often have turnover among internal recruiters that is so high that a company’s image, atmosphere and career offerings are relegated to inexperience. And big companies believe that recruiting with “key word metrics” is effective and principled; their sprawling, impersonal hierarchies often creating detachment in recruiting efforts, and protracted delays or complete derailment. In any of these events, though, your candidacy and your career potential is impeded because you may not get noticed.

At The GMW Group, we know that people aren’t “key words” or one-dimensional resumes, and that technology is only a tool that enables access to information. We recognize that, in addition to credentials, the “human element” is integral to and what principally influences correct recruiting. Recognition of that fact is why The GMW Group excels on both the company and candidate sides of the equation and why so many companies and candidates trust it for accurate interview, selection and recruitment. Effective candidate recruiting centers on valued qualities; experience, integrity, professionalism, discernment and credibility. Getting things right, right from the beginning, is important. Identifying and being responsive to candidate aspirations and ambitions is an integral part of effective and meaningful recruitment for both the candidate and the hiring company.

Career opportunities managed by professional search firms constitute more diverse and greater numbers of career opportunities as a single source than any other, including hiring companies themselves. Because of the the union between traditional recruiting methodologies and current social network and talent communities recruiting requires redefining the role of simple “recruiter” into a broader function middle and senior corporate executives are now routinely depending on recruitment through RPOs that manage the entire process. Whether it’s an entire program or a one-off project, they know that, as a highly productive source for the referral and successful recruitment of qualified candidates, experienced recruiting firms mean business. The GMW Group accomplishes it by providing the infrastructure necessary to manage recruitment effectively across a range of channels – a plan for hiring that includes researching, discovery, employing specialized business and social media applications for candidate identification and isolation, sensitive and confidential “headhunting”, if required, ultimate recruitment, and new hire orientation and on boarding. GMW provides the necessary tools for effective recruiting, dedicates process and balances recruiting experience with program discipline. Candidates can utilize The GMW Group’s ongoing relationships with hiring companies and proven practices to help manage career or job transition.

Responding to emails or voice mail from reliable professional search firms can be highly productive. If the timing for change isn’t right for you when a recruiter calls, personal and professional referrals serve the business community well and routinely result in the employment of colleagues and acquaintances of yours. In fact, you may have been be a referral of someone at some point.

Credible recruiting firms will have a professional business location, generally an office complex and business environment, and a staff that is comprised of business development, research and recruiting professionals, and are to be differentiated from single practitioners who likely work out of personal residence. Single practitioners, having limited resources, are generally not equipped to manage the number of opportunities or the level or scope of service that candidates or companies expect, require or demand.

The GMW Group commits its full resources to represent and manage the recruiting interests of America’s greatest companies, recruiting professionals for positions from mid-level to C-Suite. We may be able to help manage your career too.

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