“I have made great efforts to constantly inspire a defining principle that is perhaps more responsible for my firm’s success than any other factor, including being good at what we do; it is dedicating ourselves and our efforts to our clients’ business goals first, not ours. That dedication has enabled us to achieve our goals too”.

Shelley Millen, President


History. Knowledge. Ranking.

History of Reliability

Since 1984 local, national and international companies have entrusted GMW to help build thriving, higher-performing teams.

In Recruiting, Experience Matters

Coupling an average of more than 23 years of experience in Interview & Selection, Recruiting, Human Resources, Sales, and Sales and Marketing Management each of GMW’s executives and Senior Client Managers’ depth of relevant experience provides a solid platform for understanding recruiting needs – allowing any segment of recruiting from identification to on boarding to employee satisfaction reviews, to be managed.


Ranked 1st by the Pittsburgh Business Times for recruiting in the Sales and Marketing disciplines and 5th overall of the top 25 Recruiting Firms in Pittsburgh, The GMW Group reliably manages recruitment based on experience and a thorough understanding of the strategic, financial and operational issues companies face.

Effective recruitment represents a challenge that is on the top-tier of every company’s agenda. The GMW Group, Inc. enables executives in those companies to harness its experience, processes and documented hiring management results in an ever-evolving recruiting landscape.


Practice Specializations

  • Diversified Manufacturing, Industrial Products & Services, Industrial Distribution Mid-level, Management, Executive Level | Sales | Marketing | Sourcing & Supply Chain | Departmental Support
  • Diversified Engineering Mid-level, Management, Executive Level | Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, Civil, Structural, Metallurgical | Field Services | Engineering Sales | Departmental Support
  • Oil & Energy  Mid-level, Management, Executive Level | Technical Sales | Professional Services | Departmental Support
  • Business Products and Services, Technical Sales Mid-level, Management, Executive Level | Business Products Sales | Business Services Sales | Technical Sales | Departmental Support
  • Marketing Mid-level, Management, Executive Level | Marketing and Marketing Services | Marketing Communications | Product Marketing | Product Management | Direct Marketing | E-Commerce/SEO
  • Human Resources Executive & Management Levels | Departmental Support

Client Representation

The GMW Group represents the recruiting interests of its client companies that range from small to mid-size to “Fortune” status. From Manufacturing to Engineering and B2B to Technology, companies rely on GMW to assess and recruit bright engineering, manufacturing, sales, marketing, technical, human resources, supply chain and support professionals. From street level to middle-level to “C” Suite The GMW Group works closely with companies through collaborative partnership to ensure that vital candidates become visible, accessible and acquirable. GMW understands the urgency of hiring and the impact it has on your company’s productivity, and commits the firm’s full resources to your recruiting projects. Leveraging relationships with companies, organizations and candidates of varying categories, GMW’s network virtually ensures access to the valuable professionals your company needs to stay competitive. Engaging with The GMW Group for experienced Recruitment Process Management can make all the difference in recruiting efficiency and effectiveness.


Guiding Ideas, Beliefs and Rules

At The GMW Group we are responsible to the business community and to those that depend on us. When companies or professionals entrust us with responsibilities as important as recruitment program administration or career management, it is not merely suggested that everyone at GMW create a positive experience and strive to exceed expectations, it’s policy. Leadership at GMW personally demonstrates standards for appropriate behavior, and prescribes principles to be observed by GMW Partners and Cient Managers that reflect the core values of the GMW brand. These values provide the framework to help both clients and candidates achieve their goals.

Diversity. Individuality. Inclusion

Exceptional companies recognize that diversity must be embedded in America’s business culture, and is essential to remain vital, competitive and performance-driven. At The GMW Group, Inc. we believe that business innovation, growth and excellence are achieved when the workplace embraces diversity and individuality in recruitment.

"The GMW Group has been my sales division's primary recruiting firm for a number of years. Shelley Millen, GMW's President, and her team of recruiting developers are continually building upon their network of relationships which enables our recruitment of the qualified professionals we need for growth. I'm impressed when the president of a company works directly in the process, and Shelley works one on one directly with me."–Larry F., Vice President of Sales

"People are more than key words in a hiring software program that warehouses candidates whose availability may be limited, and technology is merely an implement that enables an approach to one dimensional information (resumes). There's no short or easy route to effective recruiting. The GMW Group is a very experienced firm and has proved to be a valuable resource. GMW helps us evaluate, recruit and hire great "people", not just query on keywords and send resumes."–Linda K., Director of Human Resources

"Necessary for expansion into Energy Markets we had a critical Director of Environmental Services position vacant for a number of months due to the position's demanding requirements when we were referred to The GMW Group by our law firm. GMW managed and completed the recruitment project inside of five weeks. We've engaged them for various assignments ever since."–Peter S., Chief Executive Officer

"The GMW Group has managed all of our recruiting on an ongoing basis for all of our Engineering, Sales and Marketing disciplines, and successfully administers all processes. What's impressed me is that they've proven the ability to recruit at every level in the company. From support staff to engineering to our CFO, GMW's proficiency eliminated the need to engage multiple firms. That surprised me. We're demanding but The GMW Group provides solid performance for us."–John E., President and Chief Executive Officer

"Thanks so much for passing this along. I don't ever think I thanked you for the additional insight into Shelley. She is a wonderful person and I have really enjoyed working with her the past few months and getting to know you and GMW more. As I shared with her, it is great to have a newfound firm and a renewed faith and confidence in recruiting firms, especially one that knows and understands professionalism. There is absolute certainty we will continue to work with your firm. Thanks."–Heather D., Director of Human Resources